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On Gun Control


         We have been in a “control guns” mindset since before the Civil War. I believe that the “current” call for gun control got seriously started after the Kennedy assassination, and, more recently, after the horrific incident at Newtown.

There has been an ongoing debate, fight, war –if you will– between those who want to control guns and those who want to have unfettered access to guns, any kind of guns, all types of guns. As an aside, I don’t know anyone who hunts with an AK-47 or an M-16 and, yet, I guess there must be someone out there since there is so much desperation to buy and keep these types of weapons.

My experience has been that after a massacre, there is an energized movement for gun control, and then the movement slowly loses momentum and goes away until the next disaster.

I  say that guns are not the problem. I say that guns don’t kill people. In fact, to prove my point, I would be willing to bet anyone out there that if I stood under the goal posts at one end of a football field, and you stood at the other end, you could not hurt me with your gun. And, you can decide what type of gun you want to use.

I will have only one stipulation. That stipulation is that you don’t have any bullets.

See guns don’t kill people.  People don’t kill people. People, with guns with bullets, kill people.

Rather than controlling guns, control the bullets that go in the guns. A gun without bullets is nothing more or less than a club. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have someone attempting to club me as opposed to attempting to shoot me.

As quiet as it is kept, I would rather not have anyone attempting to hurt me in any way, and if I had to choose, I would choose clubbing over shooting.

The truth is we have been going about this in an incorrect manner. We don’t need gun control. Guns, as I said, are not the problem. We need bullet control.

It is not that hard to do; we can have bullet manufacturers number and label all bullets. The powder in the bullets could have a chemical agent in them so they could be easily traced. Each box of bullets could have a special chemical footprint and number. That number could be scanned and recorded each time a box of bullets are sold. Everyone who purchased bullets, no matter what type, would have to have valid identification and the operative word is “valid”.

And, yes, I understand that there are those people who “make” their own bullets. Those people still have to buy casings, lead, wading, and gunpowder. The same rules could apply, that gunpowder could have an identifying agent added so that it could be traced back to the person who purchased it.

There could be stringent rules about identifying anyone who wanted to purchase bullets or the items needed to make bullets.

And, we must make it costly for those who want to be lackadaisical about being certain that the person they are selling bullets or gunpowder to, is properly identified.

Anyone caught selling bullets without getting proper identification would be subject to ten years in federal prison, if convicted. Anyone caught selling bullets on the “black market” would be subject to twenty to forty years in federal penitentiary, if convicted.

You want to make people think? Ask them if their money is more important than their freedom.

And some people will say yes, because I realize that some people won’t care, they will be willing to take any risk to have what they want, so we get to the best part.

I also suggest that all boxes of bullets have a one hundred percent tax. Whatever the cost of the box of bullets,that would be the amount of the tax. This money would go into a special fund to help those who have been injured by violence, where guns and bullets are involved. And, there would have to be a very strong ordinance in place that directs that money into the special fund so the federal government could not use it for anything else.

In addition, bullet manufacturers and sellers would be liable for any damages to persons or property caused by the bullets they sell.

So there you are, problem solved. Forget about gun control and let’s focus on bullet control. Even the National Rifle Association has not said anything about bullet control. Let them have their guns and we will control the bullets:

Guns without bullets are, say it together, clubs


William N. Woods, Jr

The Gunny

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