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Well, it has been over thirty years and no one has called, so I guess I can presume that they are not going to call.
They must have figured out how to run things and they really don’t need me to help them. It would seem that things are not falling apart and there are people who can run things and who actually know what they are doing. And, they can do it as well as, or better than I did.

I guess that I can relax now and get on with my life because no one is going to call and ask me to come rescue them, to straighten things out, to help folks get a handle on things, or any of that.

This is the way that I saw it: Six months, a year on the outside, after I retired I would receive a call from the Commandant asking me to return to active duty to help keep the Corps running as efficiently as it did when I was in.
I thought if the Commandant did not call, then at the least the Sgt/Maj of the Corps would call. You know–enlisted to enlisted–the Commandant would think that two enlisted men could relate better.

They would want me to come back on active duty because the Corps was falling apart since I got out and they did not know how they could carry on without me. They would want me to come back and at least train some others as to my techniques and ways of doing things. They would want me to do this so that when I got out the next time, the Corps could continue without me.

Now, of course, I would contemplate the situation and ask them for a couple of days to think about it. Inside, I would be gleeful knowing that it was happening just as I suspected it would, having always known that the Corps would fall apart without me, having known from the beginning that I was the glue that held the Corps together and, without me, they could not function well.

My only thoughts would be: how would they function for that year that I was out? How did they keep things going without me to work out the kinks and the pitfalls? How did they manage to keep the screw-ups in line and on track without me, without having me to talk to them and explain to them the error of their ways?
In other words, why didn’t they call sooner? Those would have been my thoughts, had they called within a year after I got out.

They did not call after a year, or two, or three, or four. In my heart I knew they would call at some point because I knew that the Corps could not really function effectively without me. After I had been in for a few years, I saw how mucked up things were and I set about straightening things out. I set about talking to people and making adjustments and doing the things that needed to be done to bring the Corps to a hard-driving, fully functioning, efficient and dedicated organization. And, all of my hard work paid off because when I got out, the Corps was operating at peak & proficiently. I was hesitant about getting out when I did because I was not certain there was anyone who could do the job as effectively as I did. So, I expected a call to come back, sooner rather than later.

No one called, not even to ask for advice. No one has called to ask me to come back on active duty to help out. No one has called to tell me how much they need me back to help save the Corps. I know that they have my address, my telephone number, my fax, my email address, my text address, and my cell phone number. I keep them up to date on all of that. Yet, no one has called, and it has been a little over thirty years since I retired. No one has called, at least no one has called, YET!

Billy Woods
The Gunny

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